It’s been said that change occurs in a number of ways. One analogy is that change can happen like a fan that’s been turned off and the spinning gradually stops. In contrast, change can occur like a light that’s switched on; it’s almost instant. Married couples who have reached a stage in their relationship that’s making them consider divorce may not like the idea of spending months in couples therapy. Learning about a marriage retreat that provides intensive, private counseling over two to four days gives them more hope.

Learning the Right Strategies

The couple believes that if they could only learn the right strategies for turning their relationship around that they could do it on their own. They just feel mystified about how to begin. The idea of sitting through 10 or 12 weekly marriage counseling sessions is disheartening. With more concentrated therapy, those 10 or 12 hours can be completed much faster. The couple leaves the retreat with new insight into their relationship and renewed commitment to each other.

Examples of Marriage Problems

Often, the relationship has simply stagnated as the years have gone by. The couple feels like there’s no spark and no magic anymore. In other cases, they don’t get along very well anymore. Perhaps there always were some conflicts, but the couple ignored these issues. Years into a marriage, however, their disagreements become impossible to ignore.

There also are situations in which one or both persons feels very let down. One spouse may have taken a job hundreds of miles away, even though the other spouse made it clear this was unacceptable. While spending weeknights alone and feeling sad, this spouse decides to start a fling with an old flame. Now both spouses feel betrayed.

A Fast-Paced Solution for Relationship Transformation

Therapy with a licensed family and relationship counseling service such as Colorado Marriage Retreats can help couples in all of these scenarios. There are specific advantages when a therapist is not dividing up the days counseling numerous clients. This a very focused form of therapy that allows a couple to transform their relationship in a matter of days.